About the work

It's not uncommon to be asked "what do you paint" and there is not always a clear cut answer to this.....However I have tried to best articulate my intent when I paint, so that it might help gain some insight to my works. x

We underestimate the power of the subconscious mind daily. A feeling, a thought, a sight, a smell. All of these senses are inspirations for our minds to grasp, and collect. Only to be revealed or recalled at times of expression.

Our minds are so powerful, sometimes beyond our understanding. 

When I work, I have no plan, no determined outcome of colours, form, and concept. 

I'm "In the zone", or "In meditation" when I paint, connecting with my higher self. All that I absorb in my senses contributes to the piece I'm working on in that moment. 

Primarily my focus is using the landscape, and nature to illustrate all that I have catalogued, whether it is of the beach, a memory or travel, a feeling in that  moment. All these things can be communicated, with a texture, a colour, a form or a brushstroke.

My intent is to create works, that show exploration, a push and pull into the work. Creating balance and a composition that is reminiscent of that point in time when I was painting. 

Creating a piece that can be a visual escape to the audience, a place of interest, contemplation, recollection of a memory, Imagined lands, or simply a joyful piece to be absorbed into.