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Hi there, Welcome to my site, and thanks for taking the time...X

I am Emma Davie, a mum of two beauties and an artist. I currently live in sunny Papamoa, Tauranga, NZ, having moved from the big smoke of Auckland in 2016. 

I've been painting and creating since I was very young. I have studied with some amazing talented teachers, and along the way met some inspiring people. I have been fortunate to make art a focal point in my life of late, and exhibited and sold my works internationally.

Why do I paint..... I paint because I just can't imagine life without it. Since I can remember it filled a hole in my life with great satisfaction and contentment. It challenges me on so many levels. So I have just never stopped!

My works come from within me, from life lived, nature, travel, feelings, and memories experienced. I work intuitively from no set plan, letting the brush or material to guide me to the next move. 

My hope is to offer a visual escape which resonates with the viewer. An investment piece of the heart.


1993 - Art and Design Intermediate - AUT
Tutor: Max white, Bill Millward, Nancy de Freitas, Gavin Smith, Ken Robinson, Noel Tritton, Alan Underhill
Life Drawing
Visual studies
Time based studies
Cultural studies

1997 - Travel through Europe
Musee Salvador Dali (Barcelona) Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
Louvre (Paris)
Ufizzi gallery
Musee Matisse (Nice)
Museum of Contemporary Art (Nice) Picasso / Dali exhibition (Venice)

2001 - Mt Eden young artist entry

2001 - Art Station - Symbolism Tutor: Shruti Yatri

2001 - Auckland Studio Potters

2002 - Travel through Europe
Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina sofia (Madrid) Museo Thyssen Bornemisza (Madrid)
Museu Picasso (Barcelona)
Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
Park Guell (Barcelona)
Teatre Museu Dali (Figueres, Spain)
Musee Picasso (Antibes, France)

2002 / 2003 - Art Station Tutor: Matthew Browne

2003 - Art Station - Nip Tuck Tutor: Matthew Browne

2003 - Art Station - Photography Tutor: Julie Downie

2004 - Art Station - Painters Progress Tutor: Matthew Browne
Group Exhibition

2005 - Art Station - Painters Studio
Tutor: Matthew Browne & Kathryn Stevens Group Exhibition

2006 - Art Station - Life Drawing Tutor: Matthew Browne

2006/7 Artfind Calendar (2007 Diary)

2007 - Group Exhibition 05 Group - The Depot

2008 - Art Station - 4 small books Tutor: Elizabeth Sarjent

2008 - Travel to Morocco, Egypt, Dubai

2009 - Art Station - Silkscreening Tutor: Kate Mclean

2009 - Youthtown - Pottery Tutor: Matt Mclean

2010 - Studio Work Tutor: Anton Chapman

2011 - Old school / New School Tutor: Peter Gibson Smith

2011 - Art Station - Professional Practice Tutor: Matthew Browne

2011 - Auckland Studio Potters Tutor: Rachel Carter

2014 - Browne School of Art - Art history

2014 - Solo exhibition “Never its mysteries are exposed” Railway St Gallery

2022 - Group exhibition "Colle" BSA gallery

2023 - Solo Exhibition "Feeling through life" Easel gallery

2024 - BOP open studios


My paintings are not an intentional reference to the land, they are a subconscious evoking from landscape, memories, emotion.

No work is planned or calculated, it’s purely spontaneous and of that moment in time.

For the viewer, I want them to find their own memory, moment, or connection to the work. Whether it be a reminder of a time or place or purely for the feeling it brings about when in its presence.

I use nature and the landscape purely as a tool to communicate the unspeakable moments or feelings that come about in life. Words for me cannot always carry the feelings I need, so my art has become that vehicle.

My process in painting is to make marks, erase them, and leave trails of paint / experiments, so it builds interesting entry points. Thick and thin, loose and tight are all aspects of application that I think about when creating.

I hope you find some enjoyment in my work.

Thanks xx