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There once was a river

There once was a river

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Acrylic, Oil and Oil stick on Canvas

102cm x 91cm.


This piece is part of a collection of works following my exhibition in July 23. 

The collection stems from journeys through the NZ countryside to visit a very special lady, my mum! It was an incredibly difficult time, as we were loosing her to sickness. These paintings come from repetitive trips feeling anxious, grateful for time, and for the beauty we can notice each day if we focus ourselves. 

This particular route taken was from the "Hinuera" area where there is evidence of where there once was a river. With large beautiful rock walls on the road side channelled out from waters passed. 

My memory of my mother teaching me about identifying these things, was so strong I had to paint it. However as with all my works, it wasn't a conscious end destination. 

This piece started in a completely different direction, and yet it pivoted into a what you see here today. 

This piece is about regeneration in different times, showing what looks like where water ran, yet seeing rocks and fauna take its place......

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